Our Clients

  • Agriculture
  • Construction Projects
  • Government Agencies
  • Forest Service
  • Insurance Companies
  • Forensics


Krout Aerial Photography is an Easton, PA based aerial photography company servicing the needs of both the residential and commercial markets. Our primary area of focus is eastern/central Pennsylvania, New Jersey, southern New York and northern Maryland.

Why Use Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography provides a unique perspective on a project that other forms of conventional photography just cannot match. Many people associate aerial photography solely with the construction industry, but there are many other valuable uses for aerial photography.


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Our Services

Krout Aerial Photography has a wide variety of services to meet your needs.

  • Custom Aerial Photography Services
  • Custom Architectural Photography Services
  • Graphics, Digital Editing & Print Services
  • Custom Architectural Photography Services


Competitive Pricing

Krout Aerial Photography offers competitive pricing for your special aerial needs. Pricing depends on several factors including:

  • Distance to the site
  • Any special requirements you may have


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